EVM Power Plants

Our EVM Plants benefit from their proximity to Mexico City and nearby industrial areas.

This strategic location allows us to be a reliable source of energy for a wide range of needs, from homes to businesses of all kinds. We have the most modern plant in the country and the closest to Mexico City, located in a key location for the security of supply in the Valley of Mexico. Tenemos la central más moderna del país y la más cercana a la ciudad de México, ubicada en un lugar clave para la seguridad del suministro del Valle de México.


EVM 1 Power Plant

  • The Energía del Valle de México I plant has a capacity of 100 MW.

  • It has three aeroderivative turbines configured in an open cycle.

  • The plant has an immediate response capacity to meet CENACE's requirements for rapid fluctuations in demand.

EVM 2 Power Plant

  • The Energía del Valle de México II plant has a capacity of 850 MW.

  • The plant has two natural gas turbines, two heat recovery systems and a steam turbine and is one of the most efficient plants in the country.