Actis completes acquisition of MT Falcon Holdings from Mitsui and Partners


  • Actis has acquired five operating electricity generation assets with a total capacity of 2.2GW and an adjacent natural gas pipeline
  • Assets provide affordable and reliable power to the Mexican system and are based in Mexico’s thriving northeast manufacturing hub, critical for supplying energy to major global supply chains
  • The business is being re-branded as ‘Valia Energía’ with an experienced management team joining to deliver the investment strategy
  • With a focus on enabling the Energy Transition, Valia Energía will leverage Actis’ proprietary Impact Score™ and Transition Tool to deliver positive impacts and support decarbonisation
  • .Actis ha adquirido cinco activos operativos de generación de electricidad con una capacidad total de 2.2 GW y un gasoducto adyacente de gas natural.


London, Mexico City, 10th of November 2022,Actis, a leading global investor in sustainable infrastructure, announces today that it has completed the acquisition of MT Falcon from a consortium including Mitsui & Co. (“Mitsui”), Tokyo Gas, JERA and Tohoku Electric Power.

MT Falcon owns and operates five combined-cycle gas turbine power plans in Mexico with a total capacity of c.2.2GW and an adjacent natural gas-pipeline. The business is being re-branded with immediate effect as ‘Valia Energía’ and will focus on delivering an equitable Energy Transition in Mexico with sustainability at the core of its investment strategy. The investment is funded through Actis Energy 5 Fund, which represents US$6bn of investable capital.

Valia Energía is Actis’ latest buy-and-build power platform in Mexico. The investment team will leverage Actis’ successful track record of investing behind ten electricity platforms in the Americas since the early 2000s, while focusing on advancing the Energy Transition as Mexico shifts its energy mix from oil, coal and biomass to natural gas and renewables.

Sustainability is central to the investment thesis and Valia Energía will use Actis’ proprietary Impact Score™ to define and measure positive outcomes, while using Actis’ Transition Tool to identify decarbonisation opportunities. There will be a focus on further strengthening the company’s approach to health and safety, creating new employment opportunities in the region, and supporting community investment, to continue to generate strong positive social impact.

The power assets have an established operating track record and long-term contracts in place, ensuring stable and consistent contracted cash flows and enabling Valia Energía to continue to deliver reliable, affordable power for the country.

Michael Harrington, Partner and Head of Americas, Energy Infrastructure commented: “We are delighted to complete the acquisition of MT Falcon from Mitsui, Tokyo Gas, JERA and Tohoku. The re-branded Valia Energía will play a key role in accelerating the Energy Transition in Mexico by supporting a low-carbon transition and helping the country move away from higher emission fossil fuels and energy sources. Our previous experience operating over 12.5GW in the Americas will be crucial as we build a new power platform that supports Mexico’s increasing need for stable and low-emission energy.”



About Actis

Actis is a leading global investor in sustainable infrastructure. Actis has raised $US24 billion since inception and has more than US$15 billion of assets under management. A team of over 120 investment professionals operates from 19 offices across five continents. Actis’ global experience, operational know-how and strong culture allows it to build and operate global sustainability leaders of scale, while delivering competitive returns for institutional investors and measurable positive impact for the countries, cities and communities in which it operates.

Actis’ Energy Infrastructure team invest on a global scale in buy and build power generation and distribution businesses, supporting the Energy Transition and accelerating the journey to Net Zero. Actis has invested in over 70 renewable energy projects to date, with approximately 27GW of energy capacity globally and is targeting another 12.5GW. Actis is investing its latest Energy 5 Fund, which represents US$6 billion of investable capital.

Actis is a signatory to the United Nations backed Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI), an investor initiative developed by the UNEP FI and the UN Global Compact. The firm has consistently been awarded the highest rating score in the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) independent assessment.

Learn more about Actis’ Impact Measurement Framework and Transition Tool here:



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About Valia Energía

Valia Energía is a Mexican energy company that produces the electricity households, industries, and municipalities consume for their daily activities. Valia Energía strives to position itself at the center of the country's energy transition, towards a cleaner, sustainable future, while providing the country with the affordable and reliable power it requires for its prosperity.

The name "Valia Energía" reflects the fundamental principles of our company: the conviction that our values generate value, the courage to act and the value proposition that we offer to our clients and to the communities where we invest.

Valia Energía operates over 2.2GW across five electricity generation assets and associated gas transport infrastructure in Mexico.

Valia Energía

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